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Watch this video and more on L9 Online

ep.1 Beginner Strength - Fundamental Series - 50 Minutes

Workouts • 50m

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  • ep.2 Intermediate Strength - Fundamen...

    Designed for Intermediate, this strength work out includes
    3 sets of Side Squats
    3 sets of Archer Push Ups
    3 supersets of Swimmers + Seated Pulls
    3 sets of Pike Push Ups
    3 sets of Glute Extensions

  • ep.5 - Rule #3 - Eat Balanced

    In Rule #3, we discuss a variety of nutrition issues. How many calories, how often do you eat, Keto? Fats? Carbs? Lets dispell the myths once and for all.

  • ep2. FirstMotion- 30 Minutes. The one...

    This is a great workout for cardio and development of leg strength. Super functional and burns more calories as we're moving your largest muscle group!