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A careful selection of bodyweight fitness workouts, designed for strength and mobility which you can do from home.

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Check out the workouts and programs that we have on offer at L9 Online. We have something for every level across strength, mobility and conditioning.

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We're regularly adding to our library of workouts and programs for you to try out. With many hours of workouts available now. Our goal is to release a fresh piece of content every day. As a subscriber, you will get access to all this!

Online Fat Loss Coaching

Wanting help with your fat loss journey? Try out our 8 week fat loss program. It's sensible and designed to be a sustainable approach 365 days of the year. Our coaches are also here to help you get started. Reach out to find out more.

8 Week Fat Loss Program

Included in your subscription is our amazing 8 week fat loss program that WORKS. Learn how to shed that fat and keep it off 365 days of the year. The best thing about our program is that you don't need to do anything silly to pull this off. All you need to do, is do it!

About our Studio

L9 is a Calisthenics & Yoga Studio in Melourne Australia. We pride ourselves in bringing real achievable fitness to people of all ages using bodyweight training & coaching. Join L9 to get strong, mobile & fit!

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